thumbnail-weightsOne of the greatest changes in my life came occurred because of a testimonial.  A friend posted how much she loved a workout class in our area. As a result, I signed up, started kickboxing and have gained huge strides in every aspect of my being.

Her informal testimonial led to increased sales for the kickboxing business. It alleviated many of my fears by describing that the class was friendly to all fitness levels.  It told me that the class works (because who wants to waste time and money on workouts that don’t work).

There were a few key factors that made her testimonial so successful.

    1. It used her real name.  Yes, I was friends with her on Facebook, but I knew she was indeed a real person.  The testimonial giver wasn’t a made up persona to generate more sales.
    2. It was specific.  The testimonial told me how much weight the user lost, and the non-tangible things she gained.  Instead of saying, “I love kickboxing.”, her testimonial showed me that it worked and that it was a welcoming environment.
    3. She used photos. Over a series of Facebook posts, this same person has also posted before and after pictures of her body’s transformation.  This is a great selling point for those of us wishing to lose weight!
    4. It overcame my objections. Like most people, I felt a bit afraid when starting to work out.  Would I know how to use the equipment?  Would I look like a complete idiot?  Would I pass out?  Would I start working out and eventually lose motivation?

So, what was her testimonial exactly?  To be honest, I can’t remember the exact words.  But, I do remember it caused me to take a risk and sign up and I haven’t looked back.  I do remember that it did the four things outlined above: it used her real name (I knew it was a legit testimony), it was specific, it used photos and it overcame my objections.  A simple post not only drove sales, but helped others.

Why not take a few minutes and gather some feedback from your supporters?  Testimonials are an inexpensive form of advertising and often, you are providing a service to your customers.  Any time you can help them know that you are offering a quality product and/or service, you are helping them.  Consumers are smart and don’t want to be sold to, they want to be served.  It’s a pretty cool thing when you get to make money helping others.








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